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Boxes and Pricing

Farm-fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your doorstep.

We offer 5-8 different varieties of North Carolina farmer-grown fresh fruit and vegetable Produce Boxes. Here's a sampling of Box choices you’ll see each week. Please note, contents will vary depending on what’s in season. You can order as often as every week or skip a week whenever you would like -- it's completely up to you!

Build Your Own Box

Price varies 

With our Market Box, you can choose any produce or delicious specialty items on our menu. 

Sprout Box

$24+ Per Box
For 1-2 Person Households

Smaller portions of each item for smaller households. Just enough for a delicious week!

Harvest Box

$27+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Big enough for a family of four.  Includes our most popular veggies and fruits. Nothing too strange in here!

O'Natural Box

$28+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Certified organic and/or chemical/pesticide-free items each week. Great choice for our organic lovers!

Bounty Box

$28+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Another great choice for larger households. May contain more "adventurous" items such as daikon radishes, persimmons, Japanese eggplants, new varieties of squash, etc.

Fruit Box

$26+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Contains fruit only. Depending on the time of year, it may include multiples of one, two, or four fruits. Something sweet for you to snack on!