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Boxes and Pricing

Farm-fresh fruits and veggies delivered to your doorstep.

We offer 5-8 different varieties of farmer-grown fresh fruit and vegetable Produce Boxes. Here's a sampling of Box choices you’ll see each week. Please note, contents will vary depending on what’s in season. You can order as often as every week or skip a week whenever you would like -- it's completely up to you!

Build Your Own Box

Price varies 

With our Market Box, you can choose any produce or delicious specialty items on our menu. It's completely customized by you! 

Sprout Box

$24+ Per Box
For 1-2 Person Households

Smaller portions of each item for smaller households. Just enough for a delicious week!

Harvest Box

$27+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Big enough for a family of four.  Includes our most popular veggies and fruits. Nothing too strange in here!

O'Natural Box

$28+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Certified organic and/or chemical/pesticide-free items each week. Great choice for our organic lovers!

Fruit Box

$26+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Contains fruit only. Depending on the time of year, it may include multiples of one, two, or four fruits. Something sweet for you to snack on!

Meal Boxes

$28+ Per Box
For 3-4 Person Households

Another great choice for larger households. Includes just about everything you need for an easy, fresh, delicious dinner -- even the recipe!